Solar Cells
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Green House Farming
SANDAEROFARM, indoor climate control Sandaeroblock (carbon/glass/metal/polymer composite and solar panel/film/glass container), multilevel aeroponic agriculture, fish/algae aquaculture, multilevel solar, wind, thermal and bio energy: Sandaeroblock (carbon/glass/metal/polymer composite and solar panel/film/glass container) applied to farming to become a Sandaerofarm and energy/sanitation Sandaeronet (solar-wind-bio-thermal energy and water): Indoor climate control, multilevel container stacking/pile-up/down (underground), aeroponic agriculture with water aerosol on roots as lettuce foliage fixed on a light biodegradable/recyclable composite/polymer/polystyrene, direct/indirect light, water stored on floor/ceiling/underground container, from natural water stream, piping, condensed from air or groundwater; solar-wind energy on roof of container and above cabled/anchored to container with buoyant units, including inflatable spheres with solar focusing on panel and multi altitude floating wind turbines (geo-solar thermal and bio algae/organic waste optional) with main east-west solar capture if multi-level. Lettuce for example is removed from aeroponic board and placed in water cup long lasting refrigerated bouquet consumed one leaf at a time. ZERO pesticides. Aeroponic is indoor with minimal use of water, multicrops 365 days year. Insects as grasshoppers, flies and ants are actually an additional source of culture and/or capture for sale or as input for fish aquaculture and/or plant organic fertilizer.
Hbat H2/H2O Battery