Aeroponic, Hydroponic, Aquaculture farming mass/flexible production (economies of scale/scope) in Sandaeroblocks, to produce food (vegetables and fish), graphene (Alga/CO2 ), drinking water (ice melt, filtration, air, subsoil, saline osmose/distillation + minerals/nutrients/defensives), Hydrogen/Oxygen (electrolysis), bio fuel (methanol, ethanol and/or biodiesel) and for full autonomy of Sandaeroblock housing, Sandaeronet energy and Sandaeroship transport.

Cellular and Molecular Agriculture, general genetic animal-plant (food/material industry) mass/flexible production of meat, vegeatable, wood and composites. Customized Individual Genetic Human Cellular Medculture mass/flexible production (Health Industry). Immune/Stem Cell bank, Individual Universal Immunotherapy, 2D sheet gel tissues, 3D Organ Hydrogel Bioprinting, Permanent Life Paradigm, Protocol and Product. Cell based production of vitamins, minerals, lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, hormones, Super Vaccine antigen loaded immune cellls/antibodies.

There are 20 quadrillion ants on Earth weighing 12 million tons, more than all birds and non-human mammals combines. 6 million tons of protein, 50gr per 100gr, double than meat. Aero AntVacuum (sucks ants/anthill), AntFarm (ant culture) and AntPowder (protein powder mix).
Solar Cells
Plant Growth
Green House Farming
SANDAEROFARM, indoor climate control Sandaeroblock (carbon/glass/metal/polymer composite and solar panel/film/glass container), multilevel aeroponic agriculture, fish/algae aquaculture, multilevel solar, wind, thermal and bio energy: Sandaeroblock (carbon/glass/metal/polymer composite and solar panel/film/glass container) applied to farming to become a Sandaerofarm and energy/sanitation Sandaeronet (solar-wind-bio-thermal energy and water): Indoor climate control, multilevel container stacking/pile-up/down (underground), aeroponic agriculture with water aerosol on roots as lettuce foliage fixed on a light biodegradable/recyclable composite/polymer/polystyrene, direct/indirect light, water stored on floor/ceiling/underground container, from natural water stream, piping, condensed from air or groundwater; solar-wind energy on roof of container and above cabled/anchored to container with buoyant units, including inflatable spheres with solar focusing on panel and multi altitude floating wind turbines (geo-solar thermal and bio algae/organic waste optional) with main east-west solar capture if multi-level. Lettuce for example is removed from aeroponic board and placed in water cup long lasting refrigerated bouquet consumed one leaf at a time. ZERO pesticides. Aeroponic is indoor with minimal use of water, multicrops 365 days year. Insects as grasshoppers, flies and ants are actually an additional source of culture and/or capture for sale or as input for fish aquaculture and/or plant organic fertilizer.
Hbat H2/H2O Battery