Sandaerojust (Justice Falcon) is a Sandaeroship Aero Police vehicle carrying Sandaerocopters and non-lethal arms systems to apprehend/neutralize damaging/dangerous individuals/assets. It can be used for surveillance, communication, navigation and capture of causers of systematic damage with proof of damage/danger, to apply home restriction of freedom in national or ocean/aerospace international territory. There is no national sovereignty rights to protect systematic violators of their own national constitution and/or of the United Nations statutory human rights that protect all humanity.

Globocean Jusistem Warrants can be executed in conjunction with local/national justice or independently if nation is a systematic violator of human rights and national justice is very inefficient (there is no national sovereignty rights to systematic violation of human rights). Home arrest and asset seizure warrants that are not fulfilled nationally by state representatives that are not elected democratically and are systematic violators of human rights, can lead to additional warrants of home arrest and seizure of assets from these representatives. These warrants can be fulfilled in Globocean international territory in under/over aquatic home arrest residential units (Sandaeroblocks) with individual aero capture (Sandaerocopter/Sandaeroship) and deactivation or towing of physical assets to Globocean international territory.

Sandaeroship is a multicopter-rocket-airship that can take-off/land anywhere on Earth under 2 hours, carrying crew, Sandaerocopters, non-lethal arms system and prisoners. Sandaerocopter is a multicopter carrying a Permanent Life Module, capable of landing/maneuvering in smaller spaces, including using landing terrestrial wheels and aquatic buoys. Sandaeroship is an electric modular bio-solar-wind unmanned or manned aircraft. It can navigate at any altitude including silently at less than 100m without radar detection and more than 40 km in international airspace. It can move in any direction with multi-directional propulsion propellers or high speed mini rockets. Fixed and mobile units can be used to form Sandaeronet navigation and communication laser/microwave network.

Non-Lethal Arms Systems use non-lethal arms and ammunition technology to neutralize accused, weapons and equipment considered highly dangerous, as the last resource of self-defense, minimizing the possibility of physical or psychological harm, in response to a home arrest warrant not fulfilled, seizure of assets not surrendered or against a present attempt by the accused of causing physical damage. Current technology include rubber bullet; chemical dart; impact bean bag; pepper spray; tear gas; wired electric gun (electric shock via wired dart); loud sound; high light focused on the eyes; net etc.

Innovation technology include thorn bullet (external rubber generates immediate physical impact followed by chemical paralysis from injected multi dart conducting liquid contained in internal rubber container squeezed on impact); non-lethal electric weapon with projectile (device with electrical charge) or bullet (piezo-electric material producing electric charge on compression); electric net (grenade launcher with electric net that opens after launch); electric water/aerosol/steam/gas (launch gun of water/aerosol/vapor/gas for driving electric current); wide laser (instant paralysis from visual block followed by delayed paralysis by brain heat generating blindness/dizziness); concentrated laser (high heating point for neutralization of weapons/equipment and hands/arms/legs as last resort); electric laser (ionized plasma air heated by laser generates electrical discharge directed as a mini lightning or wireless electrical weapon); instant foam (projected liquid dries and grows on targeted surface, as a porous foam, paralyzing movement and eliminating vision temporarily) etc.
Sandaeroship + Sandaerocopter + Non-Lethal Arms Systems