Sandaerowave can convert directly and indirectly wave movement, to air movement, to mechanical movement, to photonic (magnetic) movement, to electric movement, to battery stored or transmitted energy. Blowhole turns internal turbine, that can also be turned by external wind turbine, forming wave-wind turbine, that can also be combined with solar panels/mirrors/lenses to generate more energy directly or indirectly, heating water and/or air to turn wave-wind-solar-thermal-turbine. 24/7/365 Summer Day Mirror-Laser Heat Control.

Moving water bodies, as oceans/rivers, can also capture energy with hydro-turbine movement that can be sped up by jets of solar heated pressured water and/or air, resulting in wave-wind-solar-thermal-hydro energy. Energy is transmitted or stored by compressing air and/or with water electrolysis production of hydrogen/oxygen. Remineralized condensed vapor distilled salty water can be used for drinking/farming. Deep/cold ocean pressure can be used to reduce energy to liquify hydrogen/oxygen/air/vapor.

Sandaerowave Buoy-Track can passively move up/down with waves to generate and store energy as compressed air; or actively move down-left-up-right with the energy of the decompressed air to GENERATE WAVES, to enhance ocean/beach waves at pier-port/cube-club, expanding into ocean bridge or to create pool/lake wave surfing clubs.
Hbat H2O Battery