A Sandaeroship with/without full propulsion can give/take energy from a real estate or ground energy unit, floating/anchored with cables or placed on roof top with low or zero weight from hot air/gas diamond buoyancy. There are 24 propellers at cube corners and/or 4 larger propellers on each cube side, centered at the diamond points.

There is also the energy generated by the diamond solar film and from algae harvested in the unit to produce bio fuel to run generator. 4 energy transmission and anchoring cables connect the 4 corners of the Sandaeroship to the roof top of a real estate unit or it can be placed on the roof top with supports (including sanitation units with water stored in diamond).

The cables can be rolled in or out to elevate the Sandaeroship above rain clouds (to produce more solar energy or for laser transmission) and/or into continuous high speed winds. It can also be connected to wind turbines, solar panels or any energy production unit on the ground, to increase production capacity using the same cabled distribution system or using a laser/microwave system without cables.

Sandaeronet energy unit can be self-delivered to any real estate unit and also is self-refueling by producing directly bio fuel on board from algae and/or by receiving refueling from another Sandaeoship or by picking up additional bio fuel. Higher cost of bio fuel energy production can make this source a back-up for solar and wind production in case of unfavorable weather conditions (with anchoring cables) and/or high energy consumption. However if there is enough cable the unit may rise above the weather to seek sun light or higher speed winds. The unit can also be connected to a ground network to purchase/sell energy surplus or to an eventual laser/microwave transmission network.


Mono/Multi Modules: 10 to 100 meter cube side.

Cube Side: 10; 20; 50; 100 m.
Cube cylinders: 14; 26, 38, 50 units.
Cube Area: 88.80; 328.19; 1195.59; 3143.15 m2.
Cube Volume: 4.4; 16.33; 59.66; 157.00 m3.
Cube Weight: 29.57; 109.29; 398.13; 1046.67 kg.

Diamond Area: 173.17; 692,68; 4330.88; 17323,52 m2.
Diamond Volume: 166.66; 1333.34; 20833.33; 166666.68m3.
Diamond Weight: 57.67; 230.66; 1442.18; 5768.73 kg.
Diamond Lift: 133; 1067; 16672; 133376 kg.
(Ground Air at 25 Celsius/1.2g/m3; Hot Air at 100 to 450Celsius/0.95kg/m3 to 0.49kg/m3) (additional lift capacity:
steam: 100% to 0%; helium:150% to 65%; hydrogen:275% to 80%; cube-sphere:+300%; cube:+600%).

Corner Turbine Size: 2.5; 5; 12.5; 25 m (4 per way/side).
Center Turbine Size: 10; 20; 50; 100 m (1 per way/side).

Cube Weight: 29.57; 109.29; 398.13; 1046.67 kg.
Diamond Weight: 57.67; 230.66; 1442.18; 5768.73 kg.
Solar Film Weight: 10.53; 42.11; 263.23; 526.46 kg (50% diamond).

Equipment Weight: 236.01; 698.58; 7320.88; 24819.65 kg.
Fuel Weight: 166.22; 419.36; 5575.58; 17838.49 kg.
Total Weight: 500; 1500; 15000; 50000 kg.

Diamond Lift: 133; 1067; 16672; 133376 kg.
Lift Surplus: 232; 355; 13990; 181917 kg.
(can be used for additional solar film, battery and/or fuel).

Solar Energy: 0.5MW; 1MW; 2MW; 4MW.
Wind Energy: 0.5MW; 3MW; 6MW.
Bio fuel Energy: 0.5MW; 3MW; 6MW.
Total Energy: 1.5MW; 3MW; 8MW; 16MW (10000 homes).

Diamond/Cube Cost: US$ 5312; 21248; 182880; 531520.
Equipment Cost: US$ 3880; 7944; 194004; 387710.
Total Cost: US$ 9192; 29192; 376884; 919230.
Module Price: US$ 14950; 49950; 549950; 1495000.

(Graphene with one layer of carbon atoms weighs 0.77mg/m2 and 1000 layers can form a network of less than 1g/m2 or less than 100g/m2 with resin, versus 300g/m2 of carbon/glass fiber with resin. Cost/price/weight can be divided by at least 3 using Graphene).
Sandaeronet is an energy/communication/navigation/sanitation/defense fixed/mobile unit/network.
Bio-solar-wind-thermal energy, laser-mmwave-cable energy/communication transmission, laser-mmwave radar traffic collision avoidance system auto navigation, water/sewage destilator/biodigestor sanitation.

Quantic networks: Sandaeronet (Aeronet) Electric (electrons); Sandaerolaser (Solaser) Photonic (photons); Sandaerograv (Uniqua) Gravitonic (gravitons). Sandaeropipes as LaserPipe can allow laser transmission through cloudy weather by clearing/flowing gases through inside laser cylinder formation pipe by heat/pressure difference. Double head movement propeller can act also as wind generator. Laser transmission is complemented by mmwave (millimeter waves), cable and/or multi pathways to avoid the reduction of efficiency under bad weather (rain/fog fade).

Energy/propulsion solar-laser mirror (solid/liquid) dishes, panels and fresnel lenses. Solar Global Laser Network of self launched/propelled low/high atmosphere satellites, offers defense against space debris (complemented by net/impact/capture/electromagnetic satellite), missiles/aircraft/artillery, asteroids/comets, tornadoes/hurricanes/blizzards, solar flares and gamma ray bursts.

Sandaeronet solar-wind energy aeroship farm, 24/7/365 sunny days summer from Arctic to Antarctic, can end ice melt/ocean rise. Mega fleet can produce energy for productive Arctic/Antarctic occupation, moving north/south after summers. Aeroships above weather w/ solar mirror lasers can dissipate, thicken or maneuver rain clouds by lowering pressure w/ heat ahead causing rain clouds to move in forward.

3D SOLAR 24/7/365 can get more solar energy on cable/laser modular cube-sphere, floating above weather, with timing sun angle change using mirrors/lenses and laser transmission from other Earth time zones, including from day to night. Solaser/Aeronet energy/communication system, H2O/H2 buoyant tethered aeroships, captures direct solar/wind, indirect atmospheric energy from solar rays, hot/cold wind and thunder storm gas/liquid/solid water movement ionization.
Turbines on all corners
and/or on cube full sides.
Bio-Solar-Wind Energy.
10 to 100 meters cube side
Blacknet energy cube can be floated and anchored above any real estate or ground energy unit. Anchor energy/communication copper/fiber optic cables can be extended above rain clouds and/or into a wind current.
Water storage units are transported at low cost from a natural source or produced by distillation.

Solar/wind/bio energy unit boils polluted or salty water.

Pressurized vapor drives a thermal energy generator.

Vapor is condensed to pure water and remineralized to be also drinkable.
Energy/propulsion solar-laser mirror dishes, panels and fresnel lenses.
Cube-Diamond and/or Cube-Sphere configuration with all corner turbines and 100 to 450 Celsius pressurized halogen lamp hot air (additional lift capacity: steam: 100% to 0%; helium:150% to 65%; hydrogen:275% to 80%; cube-sphere:+300%; cube:+600%).
Configuration with all full side turbines centered in the cube with diamond or sphere internal buoyant envelope.
(air, hydrogen, helium
or any gas)
(halogen lamps
gas tubes and
electric wires)
Hbat H2/H2O Battery