Carbon Molecular Sandaeropipe (MaserPipe): carbon/glass/polymer/metal fiber composite or graphene modular cylinders moving liquids (gravity/pump), gases (pressure/temperature) and solids (liquid flow).

Electron Sandaeropipe (EaserPipe): electric continuous solenoid cylinder and/or linear motor rail producing electromagnetic (photonic) flux to move solids, liquids-solids and gases-solids (magnetic full cylinder radius solid pushes liquid/gases).

Photon Sandaeropipe (LaserPipe): cylindrical straight exterior laser formation flux, interior laser sail moving solids, gases, liquids and pressure/temperature difference moving gases.

Graviton Sandaeropipe (GaserPipe): Photon solenoid (mirror/lens laser network, optic fiber) producing graviton flux to move solids, liquids, gases or to produce nuclear spiral erosion over plasma to generate black/gravitonic hole for highest speed move.

Sandaeropipes as LaserPipe can allow laser transmission through cloudy weather by clearing/flowing gases through inside laser cylinder formation pipe by heat/pressure difference.
MaserPipe                  EaserPipe 
LaserPipe                 GaserPipe
LaserPipe moving CO2 from Venus, H2/He/N2/CH2
from Jupiter/Europa/Saturn/Titan to form water/atmosphere on Mars
LaserPipe moving Earth ocean
rain/vapor/clouds to desert