SandaeroHAI, Human Artificial Intelligence, combines processing remote collective human intelligence network combined with quantum artificial network using multimedia text/audio/visual, cameras, lidar, radar, sonar, sensors: problem solving by algorithms, specialization, first to solve, social affinity, geographic proximity, majority decision, seniority decision, experience, qualification etc. Different from the traditional AI concept of machine replacing human, the HAI combines humans and machines in a progressive weighted interaction to achieve higher capacity potential with human/machine participation and control.

HAI Self-Control and Avatar Remote Controlled Robot in another planet can be under real time camera self control, to a remote control of a human on Earth, to a network of humans, to a network of computers on Earth in this order of problem/task solving decisions. Other examples: HAI robot makes a decision that is checked by 3 networked humans in real time and/or delayed time; HAI vehicle drives with a machine guided by lidar/radar/sonar/camera, supervised under certain circumstances by a human, which takes over in more complex environments or if an unsolved problem occurs; Human drives car backed-up by AI that avoids traffic collisions and violations. 4D HAI lidar/radar/sonar/camera self/remote/teledriving adds the dimension of TIME, looking at past+present data to extrapolate future defensive scenarios. Human Artificial Intelligence Sandaerocar/Sandaerodrone, Ocar/Acar/Ccar/Hcar/Ddrone, using laser radar/cameras, can be self/remote/pilot driven, door-to-door, using current roads/tracks, any terrain, join a routed multi-level solar-wind-wave Aqua/Aero Train or longer range Acar.

Neurotron Biocybernet, intra-extra Human network, Human Artificial Intelligence, electronic-quantic system repairs, assists and expands the human neural system. Neurotron combines AI Artificial Intelligence (bellow Human level), HAI Human Artificial Intelligence (combines Human and Artificial Intelligence), CAI Creative Artificial Intelligence (equal to Human Intelligence). Neurobot bio-cyber CAI, Creative Artificial Intelligence, dual-mitotic organs exoskeleton split, regeneration, reduplication, allows donation of half of organs/body to originating DNA Human, cell banking, IUI,organ/Life incubation. Neurotron, Neurochip, Neurocomp, Neurobot bio-cyber bio-analogic computer hardware, bio-neural networks software replicating Human Brain electric, photonic, fluid, gas, mechanical continuous flow of input/processing/output learning/creating, as opposed to discrete/timed/programmed digital computers. Neurotron-Neurobot replaces/complements digital software/hardware, programming, programmers with video-audio-text-acting analog direct flow teaching, learning as its done for Humans. Programmed digital-cyber, HAI Human Artificial Intelligence, self/remote control Avatarbot complements for repetitive easier, discrete, pre-defined tasks, the analog free-flow self-learning, CAI Creative Artificial Intelligence, open/uncertain problems/goals, Humans and Neurobots.
Neurotron Biocybernet
Creative Artificial Intelligence