Dependent Remote Human Robot (RHR) or Independent Artificial Intelligence Robot (AIR) developed by 3D bio-chimo cybernetic printer. Macro, Mini, Micro and Nano aero-aqua-terrestrial robots with multi applications, including exo/endo construction/medical.

Anyone on Earth could order, for under US$995, Macro or Mini Sandaerobot for remote production and control, on another planet or moon colony, or even at an ocean, desert, mountain, forests, Arctic, Antarctic, Atmospheric or Space colonies on Earth.

Massive cost reduction with remote intra/inter planetary colonization, using local materials and assembly/command information transmitted by delayed inter planetary photonic laser (real time intra planetary or to moon) (SOLASER) or real time inter planetary gravitonic graver communication (UNIQUA).

Exploration and colonization oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, atmosphere, space, poles (Antarctic and Arctic) on Earth; Moon, Venus, Mars and other intra/inter solar planets and moons. Remote Total Colonization System where millions of remote explorers/colonizers can be sent to many planets and moons.

Micro and nano robots medical aplication for Permanent Life Paradigm, Protocol and Product from Global Mobile Medical System (, including Micro/Nano surgery, immune system supplementation and bio cybernetic Super Cell.