SANDAEROBOT, digital-cyber Avatarbot, self/remote/internal controlled 4D HAI Human Artificial Intelligence, lidar/radar/sonar/camera self/remote/tele-driving adds the dimension of TIME, looking at past+present data to extrapolate future defensive scenarios. Avatarbot can replicate Human remote control, contain a Human pilot or be self controlled. Neurobot bio-cyber HAI, Human Artificial Intelligence, dual-mitotic organs exoskeleton split, regeneration, reduplication, allows donation of half of organs/body to originating DNA Human, cell banking, IUI, and organ/Life incubation. Abot structure, dependent digital-cyber Avatarbot, remotely or internally operated by Human, plus bio-components, makes a Nbot, independent analogic bio-cyber Neurobot, that can supplement its bio-cell donor with one of its dual-sets of cells, tissues, organs, as a personal doctor-bot, multi-functional and voluntary relantionship companion. HAI Avatarbot suit-bot internal, remote, limited task self control empowers all Humans to compete/replace AI bots. HAI Neurobot doctor-bot-citizen twin/relative/clone dual bio-cyber donating structure adds bio/autonomy to Avatarbot.

Internal/remote/self-control/driving robot paradigm enhances Human capacity instead of replacing it:
Abot-Avatar-Cyber-Exoskeleton; Nbot-Neural-Bio-Cyber-Exoskeleton; Obot-Omni-Horizontal-Vertical-Mobile-Chair.
Obot/Ocar/Olife: Obot is an Ocar (Omni all direction cube-sphere) mobile chair that can recline fully horizontal or stand fully vertical for internal (strap-on safety belt), remote or self control. Olife is an Ocar/Obot with full PLM, Permanent Life Module.
Abot/Acar/Alife: Abot is an Acar (Aero Ocar with additional buoyant Dcar modules) mobile Avatar exoskeleton (compacted/slimmed Obot to mimic human skeleton). Alife is an Acar with an Abot with full PLM, Permanent Life Module, compacted/slimmed to fit Abot exoskeleton.
Nbot/Ncar/Nlife: Nbot is an Ncar (Neuro Ocar with additional bio-neural network computing/cell bank) independent Abot Avatar exoskeleton (compacted/slimmed Obot to mimic human skeleton) with additional bio-cells/tissues/organs, capable of dual mitotic donation of 1/2 of bio-cyber body to DNA donor human. Nlife is an Ncar with an Nbot, bio-cyber doctor-donor.

Neurotron-Neurobot replaces/complements digital software/hardware, programming, programmers with video-audio-text-acting analog direct flow teaching, learning as its done for Humans. Programmed digital-cyber, HAI Human Artificial Intelligence, self/remote control Avatarbot can be used in self mode for repetitive easier, discrete, pre-defined tasks, assisted/complemented by Humans and/or Neurobots for analog free-flow self-learning and open/uncertain problems/goals. Avatarbot is a digital cyber, basic self-control AI, Human remote-control or Human inside operated, while Neurobot is an analog bio-cyber, creative self-replicating, dual-mitotic, doctor-bot that can donate half-body to the originating DNA Human.

SANDAEROPRINT, 3D CBC-PAL TELE-PORT, 3-Dimension Cyber-Bio-Chimo Printer-Assembly-Line Tele-Transporting, sending 3D copy instead of original, with zero/low gravity/weight outer space or liquid chamber printing/assembly. Macro 3D Laser/Digital Light Processing Printer of Graphene to mass produce Sandaeroblocks.

SANDAEROLOT, solid, liquid, gas, quantic location property for parking on land, water, atmosphere or space, also for a Sandaerobot, Sandaeroprint, Sandaeroblock, Sandaeronet, Sandaeroship or any mobile/immobile structure of any nature on or in orbit of a planet, moon, asteroid or comet.

Sandaerocar Ocar can be anywhere on Earth or any planet/satellite in seconds with Sandaeroscreen 360 Oscreen used to project light speed image and remotely pilot/operate Ocar or any robot/equipment that is already there. Light-speed laser communication is delayed by minutes, limiting real time intra-stellar Venus/Mars remote controlled bots for example. Laser split entangles photons with gravitons allowing quasi-instant communication +3 billion km/sec. Gravitons orbit photons and space-time is mainly of field of gravitons. Collapse/movement of an entangled photon can be recorded quasi-instantaneously and translated to a binary code 0/1 for example, generating communication. That information does not have to be communicated by observer by under light speed communication, because the change is the quasi-instantaneous communication.

A Lunar package, for example, can be pre-sold (LunBot, LunLot, LunBlock in LunCity) to individuals and/or organizations to finance its remote occupation. Anyone on Earth could order, starting at US$995 (Terra), Macro or Mini Sandaerobot for remote production and control, on another planet or moon colony, or even at an ocean, desert, mountain, forests, Arctic, Antarctic, Atmospheric or Space colonies on Earth's Orbit.

There will be massive cost reduction with remote intra/inter planetary colonization (Moon, Venus, Mars, Europa, Titan etc) using local materials and assembly/command information transmitted by delayed inter planetary photonic laser (real time intra planetary or to moon) (SOLASER) or real time inter planetary gravitonic gaser communication (UNIQUA).

There will be a Remote Total Colonization System where millions of remote explorers/colonizers can be sent to many remote Earth areas and other planets/moons with exploration and colonization of oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, atmosphere, space, poles (Antarctic and Arctic) on Earth; Moon, Venus, Mars and other intra/inter solar planets/moons, as Europa (Jupiter) and Titan (Saturn). Pre-sale of low cost Sandaerobots, Sandaerolots, Sandaeroblocks can finance higher cost Sandaeroships and Sandaeroprinters, for production on Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, Europe, Titan etc.

Macro, Mini, Micro and Nano aero-aqua-terrestrial robots can have multi applications, including exo/endo construction/medical, medical aplications of micro/nano robots for Permanent Life Paradigm, Protocol and Product from Global Mobile Medical System (, as micro/nano surgery, immune system supplementation and bio cybernetic Super Cell.

Past/present life in the Solar Federation outside Earth is possible/not probable. Future life is possible and probable. Mini-Miner-Bot Laser-Sail-Ship can introduce life (cyanobacteria/algae/greens) and claim
1 km2 Land/Water/Aero/Space housing/mining/researching lots on Moon, Venus, Mars, Europa, Titan, Asteroids etc.