Global Solar Laser Mirror Network is an energy, communication, navigation, transportation and defense system consisting of 5 levels of inter connected concentric self-launched/self-propelled aerospace satellites and 2 atmospheric buoyant aeroships: Solar Stationary Ring, Moon Stationary ring, Geo Stationary Ring, Geo Orbital Ring, High Atmospheric Ring, Low Tethered Atmospheric Ring. Solaser is an Aerospace Sandaeronet made of Aerospace Sandaeroships. Solaser is also the base for a future Sandaerovator (Space Elevators) and Sandaerospace (Space Station Rings). Atmospheric and ocean temperatures and radiation can be managed with Solaser, increasing life suitability on Earth and any moon or planet, including Mars.

Solaser can protect Earth from asteroids, comets, solar flares, gamma ray bursts, global warming, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, cyclones, missiles, aircraft and artillery. It can also disable armed humans, heating up weapons and brain to non-lethal temperature. Solaser can provide energy directly to homes and vehicles with solar panels converting photons to electrons; photonic free space and optic fiber communication; Lidar navigation and Space Sail propulsion potentially until close to the speed of light. The temperature of Earth can be controlled avoiding global warming or ice ages. Temperature of blocks of atmospheric air can be controlled and maneuvered, dispersing catastrophic weather events. Solar mirror/lens parabolic dishes concentrate solar rays in front focal point, where a flat mirror reflects it to the next Satellite, concentrating and aggregating photonic beams to form Laser.
Global Solar Laser Mirror Network